Soñé una milpa Women

This project would not have been possible without the participation of ten resilient Latina immigrants who were willing to share their vulnerable stories. We are thankful to these women for opening their homes and their hearts to us: 

Rocio, Gaby, Ibeth, Teresa, Angélica, Lidia A., Lidia S., Carmen, Catalina and Alma.

UW faculty

We are deeply grateful for the guidance and mentorship provided by the faculty at the University of Wisconsin in Madison; having their encouragement and critical feedback made this project successful. 

We are indebted to the Professors in the School of Human Ecology:

Mary Hark, Carolyn Kallenborn, and Marianne Fairbanks

and to the Professors in the Art Department:

Jim EscalanteLaurie Beth ClarkFaisal Abdu’AllahEmily Arthur, Aristotle GeorgiadesJohn Hitchcock, and Fred Stonehouse

UW arts institute

It was an honor to be the recipients of the David & Edith Sinaiko Frank Fellowship for Women in the Arts, their generous support provided financial assistance for video documentation of the project and to host a celebratory event for the Latina women and their families.

All the videos for this project were produced and edited by Aaron Granat, a Professional videographer for the Arts Institute. We appreciate all the time and dedication he invested in this project. 

UW school of human ecology

We are grateful for the support of the STAR (Summer Time Academic Research) Award through the School of Human Ecology. We would not have been able to cover the costs of the materials needed to make the body of work inspired by the womens' narratives.  

UW Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Through their Travel Research Award, we had the opportunity to visit Oaxaca, Mexico to learn new papermaking techniques and meet with a group of women who make work about their personal family experiences with immigration. Thank you for your support!