Maria + Leigh

Latinas. Artists. Collaborators. 


Maria Amalia Wood

Maria Amalia Wood was born and raised in Honduras, and currently maintains a studio in Madison, Wisconsin. Using textile processes and materials, she draws upon material culture, the natural environment, and the complexities of a life lived between Central America and the Midwestern United States. Beyond the development of a personal studio practice, Maria intends to find ways of sharing her vision through socially engaged, artful collaborations in both Wisconsin and Honduras.

J. Leigh Garcia

J. Leigh Garcia is an artist born and raised in Dallas, TX. As a seventh-generation Texan and Mexican-American, her ancestral connection to Texas land has led her to an investigation of the ethical impact of her Tejano culture. Issues that current and future undocumented Latinxs face, such as harsh working conditions, the separation of families, and death while crossing the Mexico-U.S. border, cause her grave concern. Through the lense of her biracial heritage, Leigh aims to shed light on these contemporary issues.